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Discover the true cost of paper window stickers and unlock the potential savings with VINTANO’s digital solution. Download our comprehensive guide to assess your current expenses and envision a more profitable, eco-friendly approach to your pricing displays


Welcome to Vintano’s latest thinking, where we drive your dealership’s efficiency to new heights! Our insights lead the charge in digital innovation, showcasing how our cutting-edge digital window stickers and data-driven solutions streamline your operations and enhance the car buying experience.

Boosting Sales and Trust Through Clarity

As the automotive sales environment transforms, so do the expectations of consumers. Modern buyers seek unprecedented levels of information and clarity, particularly in terms of pricing.

Flexing Digital Pricing Strategies for the Modern Auto Market

Unpack new approaches to pricing that leverage digital tools for dynamic adjustments, including end-of-month pricing flexibility, customized incentives, and spotlight…

The Art of Dynamic Pricing

Learn how to apply digital strategies to adapt pricing dynamically, ensuring your dealership remains competitive and responsive to regional market trends.

Utilizing OEM Programs

Explore some of the top strategies for maximizing the benefits of OEM partnerships and digital marketing funds to boost your dealership’s visibility and sales.

Adapt Pricing to Your Local Market

Discover how digital solutions like window stickers can streamline the process of adjusting your pricing in real-time to match market demands and competitiveness.

Differentiation ins a crowded market

Explore how innovation differentiates successful dealerships, Learn what makes some dealerships excel in a competitive market while others lag.