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We are Vintano.

Who We Are

A Tech-Forward Auto Retail Innovator.

In 2023, our founders, with their roots in software development and data analytics, recognized a stagnant trend in the automotive retail space—static window stickers. Expecting a digital, dynamic solution, they instead found outdated practices, cumbersome manual updates, and a clear disconnect between in-lot and online experiences.

In an era where efficiency and transparency are paramount, the auto retail sector’s reliance on antiquated methods called for an intelligent, software-driven revolution. Vintano was conceived to bridge this gap, introducing smart digital window stickers to revolutionize pricing, marketing, and customer engagement in car dealerships.


The auto retail industry faces a pressing need for agility and accuracy in inventory management and pricing strategies, while customers demand transparency and convenience. Traditional window stickers no longer suffice in an increasingly competitive market where speed and clarity are key.

Vintano is at the forefront of this transformation, equipping dealerships with digital tools that enable real-time updates, reduce operational costs, and cater to the informed consumer. Our mission is to streamline the car buying and selling process, enhancing both the dealership’s operational efficiency and the customer’s purchasing experience.


Our diverse team blends cutting-edge software engineering with deep auto industry insights. We’re driven by a passion for technology and a commitment to improving the car buying journey. At Vintano, we embrace a culture of rapid development and customer-focused innovation. Our mantra is “The future of auto retail is now.” We’re not just building products; we’re crafting experiences that matter—for today and tomorrow.


Our clientele includes some of the most forward-thinking dealerships, groups seeking to pioneer the adoption of smart retail technology. For them, high-performance software isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity. A lag in information or a lapse in pricing accuracy isn’t just inconvenient; it’s a barrier to sales and customer satisfaction. Our partners rely on our digital window stickers to present comprehensive, timely data that drives informed decisions and streamlined operations. By working closely with dealerships, understanding their challenges, and delivering rapid, impactful solutions, Vintano isn’t just a service provider—we’re a pillar of support in the ever-evolving world of automotive retail.